Chicago, August 18-20, 2017

Slow Balboa Contest

This is a partnered Slow Balboa  competition open to dancers of all levels. For this competition, Slow Balboa includes Dean Raftery Slow Balboa, Laminu, Balboa done slowly, and Kelly and Mickey’s Slow Balboa. Competitors do not need a full weekend pass to participate.

$20 per couple

Prelims Format

Contestants will dance in “all skate” format to 3-4 songs randomly chosen by the contest DJ of 1 minute 30 second length. Couples will be judged as a unit and will be chosen for finals based on call back format.

Finals Format

Contestants will dance one “all skate” warm up, one 1 minute 30 second DUAL spotlight, and one “all skate” final. The songs will be chosen by the competition DJ. Couples will be judged as a unit and will be chosen for first, second, and third prizes based on relative placement scoring.

Judging Criteria

Contestants will be judged on their ability to

Connection: Couples are assessed on their ability to work as a team including how well they can listen and react to their partner. Although this is a social dance competition, preparation as a team is valued.

Musicality: Judges will assess couples general timing (ability to stay on rhythm) as well their macro and micro musicality skills.

Technique: Contestants are assessed on their ability to cleanly execute Slow Balboa movement along with the technique and skills that are specifically required for lead and follow roles. For this competition, Slow Balboa includes Dean Raftery Slow Bal, Balboa done slowly, Kelly and Mickey Slow Bal, and Laminu. Lindy hop and blues are not considered Slow Bal.

Creativity: Competitors are encouraged to add personality to the dance by adding their own innovative movement choices, structure, and footwork. However, the dance should still remain true to the nature of Slow Balboa.

Read more about Slow Balboa here:


First, second, and third place couples receive a hand-crafted art glass trophy for each individual. There will also be a $600 cash prize split between first, second, and third place winners.