Chicago, August 18-20, 2017

Battle of the Midwest


Battle of the Midwest

“The Nice Competition”

This competition will be a rip roaring, smackdown of which balboa scene is the most “Midwest Nice.” All scenes within the Midwest are welcome and encouraged to participate. Dancers will receive 1-3 points on each dance they receive from their social dancing partners at the Friday night dance. Therefore, the more social dances they have, the more chances they have to win.


  • This competition is free to participate!

  • Dancers from each Midwestern scene will receive a bag of dance cards. At the end of each social dance, he or she will give a card to his or her dance partner.

  • Partners will judge their partner on the “niceness” of the dance. They should consider how well their partner listened and reacted to their dancing, their friendliness, and teamwork during the dance.

  • Cards should be turned in by dance partners to the front desk. Cards that are unscored will receive one point. All cards must be turned in by the end of the dance on Friday night.

  • Points will be divided by the number of people in the scene participating. (This means that even small scenes will have an equal chance to win.)


Awards will be announced at the Saturday night dance. The winning scene will receive a trophy and $200 to build their balboa scene.