Chicago, August 18-20, 2017

Yoshi Uemura


Yoshi Uemura originally hails from Japan and currently lives in Seattle. He moved to US as a grad student and found swing dancing aro
und 2000 when he lived in NYC. He walked by Midsummer Night Swing Festival at Lincoln Center and was so inspired by the energy of the people dancing outdoor at 90F in summer in Manhattan.  Two weeks later, he started taking lessons.

Shortly after he moved to Seattle in 2001, where he continued to dance with several performance teams, Yoshi took his first Balboa lesson (2003).  Ever since, he has continued to learn from the original dancers and many great Balboa dancers all over the world, and developed his own, unique style. Even after many years, his focus is still on connection and flow with a partner, and precise and rhythmical footwork. He regularly teaches in Seattle, other cities in US, and internationally to share his passion for swing dances, helping to grow the communities.